Informal climate resilience: Urban transitions in Pacific Small Island Developing States


Alexei Trundle, 10 July 2018.

Pacific Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are often portrayed as the ‘front line’ of climate change, known for their high levels of climate exposure, vulnerable low-lying atolls, at-risk ecosystems, and limited non-subsistence livelihood opportunities. Less widely recognised is the Pacific’s rapid rate of urbanisation, with post-colonial urban centres facing unprecedented growth in environments that hybridise traditional livelihoods and customary systems with global technologies, access to capital, and built environments.

Alexei Trundle has conducted research in the South Pacific since 2013, working with UN-Habitat to develop urban resilience and climate adaptation strategies in Honiara, Solomon Islands and Port Vila, Vanuatu. In this seminar, Alexei will present the preliminary findings of his PhD research, which is examining the unique contributions that informal settlements, their community structures, and household resources can make to urban climate resilience. Results will be related from qualitative interviews and workshops conducted with 6 communities in Honiara and Port Vila, as well as with institutional stakeholders working on climate resilient development initiatives in each city.


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