InFarm: Vertical farming and intelligent solutions for food production


Based in Berlin, Infarm has developed intelligent hardware and software solutions that allow for ‘vertical farming’ of leafy greens, herbs, lettuces and microgreens. Each vertical farming unit is fitted with sensors that monitor no fewer than 50,000 data points throughout a plant’s growth cycle.

InFarm’s business idea is rooted in the belief that there is something fundamentally broken: “Food travels approximately 1500 km through 28 pairs of hands before it reaches our plate, wasting enormous amounts of energy. One third of this food is spoiled in the process ,” says Martin Weber, CFO of Infarm.

This is what InFarm is trying to fix by bringing the food production closer to people. To develop these solutions, InFarm benefited first from an EU research grant and later on, from an equity investment under the EU’s Investment Plan for Europe that helped the company grow further.

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