Indoor farm spreads seeds In Newark school system


A cutting-edge “indoor farm” based in Newark is spreading seeds in the city’s public school system, and it’s a win-win for kids and the company alike, it says.

AeroFarms – which has a corporate headquarters in Newark – has been making waves in the world of urban farming since breathing new life into a former steel mill in New Jersey’s largest city. Tapping into a unique closed-loop, aeroponic water circulation system, the facility can sprout millions of pounds of leafy greens every year, which can be found at stores such as Whole Foods Market, Walmart, and The Fresh Market.

Last week, AeroFarms announced that it is expanding its Community Farm program with several new mini-farms, which give students and educators the chance to get some hands-on experience with the same sort of growing technology that can be found at its Newark facility.
Throughout January, in partnership with the Newark Public School District, AeroFarms completed installations throughout the city, including at Central High School, George Washington Carver Elementary School, Sir Isaac Newton Elementary School, Thirteenth Avenue School, and Michelle Obama Elementary School.


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