India’s First Comprehensive City Level Flood Forecasting & Early Warning System


2018 marks 20 years of partnership between the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC). Since 1998, ADB has been supporting KMC to make Kolkata a more livable city through integrated planning and phased investments for resilience building and urban services improvement.

The FFEWS for Kolkata has been designed and implemented through a technical assistance (TA) attached to KEIIP, TA-9157 IND: Strengthening Climate Resilience of Kolkata through Improved Planning and Disaster Risk Management, funded by ADB’s Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust
Fund (UCCRTF) under the Urban Financing Partnership Facility. A consortium comprising consultants from Taru Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd., PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Antea Group is assisting KMC to design and implement the system.

The FFEWS for Kolkata will be the first comprehensive city level early warning system in India. It has been designed to provide forecasts as well as real-time updates from sensor nodes installed in key points throughout the city. Information generated and disseminated by the FFEWS will enable
informed decision-making before and during disasters. The system includes: weather forecasts; flood models for various intensities of rainfall; real-time information on key pump status, sump and canal water levels, actual rainfall,
inundation levels, among others; and a messaging system to provide warnings and real-time information to city officials and citizens.


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