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Bringing you a “History” special episode with Archaeologist Disha Ahluwalia. She is the founder of a page called Confessions of an archaeologist – Link here:

History is a subject that most kids tend to dislike in school, they say it’s no point knowing about the past, and they find it to be boring. But, what if I tell you that history has so much to do with the future and even more lessons to be learned for the present. This is one of the most interesting episodes we’ve created on the show, talking about my favorite subject which is “Historical Facts, Vedic Truths & The Aryan Theory”.

In this episode, we speak about archeological truths about the world that are kept hidden from the general public. Only deep researchers, Archaeologists, and historians with enormous research and digging can find out hidden facts and have evidence for the same. This Episode on TRS brings you a mind-blowing conversation of all the findings of India’s True History uncovering India’s real past.

(0:00) – Disha Ahluwalia x Ranveer Begins
(2:35) – India’s opinion on history books
(3:40) – Ancient Aliens & Graham Hancock documentary
(10:13) – Different ideologies of civilization
(13:20) – On Homo Erectus
(15:55) – Disappearance of river systems
(21:15) – History & Archeological theories
(29:25) – Aryan Vs Dravidian theory
(33:05) – Mahabharat in the archaeological stage
(44:55) – Breaking down the Aryan Invasion Theory
(59:00) – Real archaeological Perspective
(1:00:42) – Thanks for watching

#history #archaeology

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