Increasing Affordability Through Municipal Climate Action – BUILDINGS pt. 1


Increasing Affordability Through Municipal Climate Action – Webinar Series 🌱 Webinar 1 / 8 – Buildings, Part 1: New Constructions
In this series, we will delve deep into the intersection of affordability and local climate action, exploring innovative policy solutions and successful case studies from municipalities around the country!

Webinar #1 theme: Buildings 🏘️ ☀️

Bringing fossil fuel infrastructure into new developments not only undermine our climate commitments, but also risks becoming a stranded asset as this infrastructure often requires about 30 years to pay for the upfront capital costs.

In addition, it ties in these new developments to at least 15 years of fossil fuel use via the life span of the mechanical systems within the actual buildings. Green Standards and ultimately codes will be required to drive the market towards increased options for low carbon energy planning in new developments.

What does this low carbon transformation of new building stock mean to affordability? This webinar will discuss the affordability implications associated with decarbonizing our new buildings, and explore what is meant by affordability and for whom?


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