Improving Urban Transportation Through Cleaner E-Boat Technology


In Batam, Indonesia, water transportation is very important in lives of islanders: it is the main way of transporting people and goods from one island to another. Using e-boats is advantageous, highlighting two aspects in terms of (1) cost efficiency and (2) lessening pollution. E-boat technology has the potential to deliver these transportation services at the lower cost per service unit. With a lifespan of the technology of batteries at least 10 years and the engines at 20 years shows how that it is more profitable than a fossil unit. Secondly, on pollution, the use of an internal combustion engine in motor boats can cause pollution and noise. Gasoline is also hard to get and getting more expensive, while the e-boat only requires a few components and is easier to operate and maintain. ADB is helping islanders like those in Batam shift to cleaner technologies in transportation through the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund, which supports the technical assistance of e-mobility.

0:00 – Water as a Main Way of Transportation
1:06 – Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF)
1:48 – Sweeping Advantages of E-Boat Technology for Passengers, Operators, and the Environment

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