IMF Youth Fellowship 2023 | Addressing Climate Change | Nigeria 🇳🇬


To build inclusive and resilient societies, we need policies that can help address climate change.

Investing in renewable energy would greatly help to reduce carbon footprint by sourcing electricity, bioenergy production, and solar thermal energy that comes from clean, renewable sources. It would also increase demand for clean energy, paving the way to become less reliant on polluting fossil fuels which would build a resilient, sustainable and inclusive growth for my country.
Also recycling plastic water bags known as pure-water sachet in my country can be used to promote a circular economy and reduce waste which can lead to pollution in the environment. This innovation would contribute to land restoration, improve thermal comfortability and mitigate urban heat island as it is cost-efficient, energy efficient and would help extend the lifespan of plastic water bags which can be re-sold, serving as a source of income and job opportunities to benefit the local community at large.


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