Ievgeniia Dulko | Ukrainian post-war urban agenda | ONLINE | SPLOT UA Open Program


Welcome to SPLOT UA Open Program – a scheme of public lectures and events hosted as part of SPLOT UA Residency. Join us for a series of inspiring discussions led by experts from various fields and enter the dialogue about post-war recovery of Ukraine.

Meet our next guest, Ievgeniia Dulko, who is an expert in urbanism. Based on her research, Ievgeniia will outline the challenges related to the reconstruction of Ukrainian cities focusing on urban resiliency, context-sensitive approach to rebuilding urban fabric and emerging narratives of urban development. Come and take part in the conversation about the healing process of Ukrainian cities on February 10th, 18:00 CET.

Ievgeniia Dulko is an experienced project manager, who has worked with urban planning and urban design projects in many Ukrainian cities. Between 2016 and 2021 she worked at the Mykolaiv Development Agency and the Kharkiv School of Architecture. Since April 2021 she has been an urban planning expert in Urbnanyna, a non-profit organisation based in Kyiv. She also organized a series of multidisciplinary workshops in Ukraine, such as Dreaming Up the KhTZ and Rethinking the container settlement in Nikopol. Currently doing her Urban Planning Master’s degree at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

About the program:
SPLOT UA Residency is an interdisciplinary creative scheme initiated and organized by New Space Foundation and Science Now together with the US Embassy in Warsaw and the US Department of State. The program is directed to young Ukrainians currently residing in Poland due to the Russian aggression on Ukraine. Over 4 months, 21 selected participants are invited to collaborate on designing prototypes of social innovations that could be implemented in Ukraine in the future, as part of recovery activities. There are three working groups with topics inspired by the UA Recovery Plan: (A) Healing the city, (B) Rewilding the night and (C) Revitalizing education.

US Department of State, US Embassy in Warsaw, Fulbright Poland, Leiden University, Match & Spark, NOSPR, International Astronomical Union, Polish Economic Institute and Unitalent Foundation.


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