I Rebuilt the ENTIRE City's Industrial Zone! – Cities Skylines


I Rebuilt the ENTIRE City’s Industrial Zone! – Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines gameplay today rebuilding the city’s entire industrial zone and building all our industry in a more centralized area to help fix traffic. We’ll also build a tourism zone next to our main airport and harbor!

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Cities Skylines DLC I’m using:
Match Day, Natural Disasters, Pearls from the East, After Dark, Mass Transit, Green Cities, Euro Suburbia, Art Deco, High-Tech Buildings, Snowfall, Parklife, Industries, Campus, Modern City Center, Sunset Harbor, the Airport DLC, the Plaza and Promenades DLC, Shopping Mall DLC, and the Financial Districts DLC.

About Cities Skylines:
Cities Skylines is a city building game / city simulator simulation game where you build a city and manage its citizens and the traffic they cause. Build roundabouts, highways, buses, bus loops, trains, monorail, subway system, blimps and more to solve traffic problems and get unlimited money and profit every week! There’s a ton of Cities Skylines DLC as well and anytime a new Cities Skylines DLC or new Cities Skylines update comes out we’ll check it out!

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