I don't Trust Me, You, Myself // Tile Shorts Interview with Jeff Stone


Through words and pictures, go on a journey exploring the truth about trust. Is it about power, love, identity? These three impossibly, but possibly, connected vignettes scrutinize the nature of humanity, personhood, and emotion, while asking the question, “Who do you trust?”.

Jeff was born and raised in New Hampshire. After attending college in Fairfield, CT, he moved to Southern California. For four and a half years, he spent life living in a Winnebago on the streets, pursuing his dream. This led to roles in editorial on a number of great films, and eventually to the San Francisco Bay Area. He currently resides on a small urban farm in Oakland, CA with his wife and two kids, their dog and countless chickens, rabbits and bees. He’s still working in the film business, currently at Pixar Animation Studios in editorial.

This film began as a short story written over a decade ago. At one point, it was one short, then it was two, and then three. They didn’t work separately, but together they told me a completely different story. It’s my hope that viewers see their own story in this story, and maybe even mine.


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