Hydroponic Farming | OBG Farms, Mangalore, India | Organic Farming Without Soil


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Our balcony Garden was founded by Poornima Shetty and Prajwal Shetty in the year 2019.
Wanting to make Mangalore balconies and homes green, they started promoting and educating people in Mangalore why is it important to have greenery in your surroundings and how important it is for your good health. They have been able to redesign more than 250+ balconies in the last 2+ years and in 2021 they started OBG Farms which is First Hydroponics’s Farm in Mangalore with 10000 + plant growing capacity. In this farm, the plants are grown in water with the use of nutrients for the better growth of these leafy veggies. As a result of this plants tend to grow 50% faster and healthier without any chemicals or pesticides as these are spoiled farming. This new way of farming helps in saving around 90% water and helps in saving tons of water in the farming industry. Their vision is to promote these types of farming in and around DK and Udupi district, educate farmers and promote these types of chemical-free farming.
The company has the vision to get more vegetables on their website portal and supply healthy veggies to the people of Mangalore.
With a vision of having Go Green Mangaluru Now The Power Couple Are Also Aiming towards promoting and educating to Go Healthy Mangalore.

Website: https://ourbalconygarden.com/
Whatapp: https://wa.me/917899282405 or https://wa.me/918197104042
Email: poornima@ourbalconygarden.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourbalconygarden/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourbalconygarden
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRSla1dTkZqJQKIU1XgGHVg
Google location: https://g.page/ourbalconygarden?share

India’s hunger statistics are among the poorest in the world, but dismally enough India wastes Rs 244 crore worth of food a day, sending almost 194 million Indians to bed starving daily. While most of our food is farmed and cultivated in rural areas, most of it is wasted in cities. As 80% of all food is expected to be consumed in cities by 2050, they have to be central to this story. Today they often act as black holes, sucking in resources but wasting many of them – the final stop in the take-make-waste approach. As city limits expand by the year, and farming land dwindles owing to urbanization, Hydroponics- or the simple science of growing plants without soil has emerged as a sustainable alternative. One that is making a fortune for Urban dwellers.

At a time when diminishing groundwater resources is a customary article in the news every summer, hydroponics has become popular as this method uses up to 90% less water compared to soil-based planting techniques. The magic is in the oxygenated nutrient and mineral-rich medium that these saplings are suspended in. With direct contact with nutrients now that the middleman soil is gone, plants grow faster and do not depend on the weather. Furthermore, since there is no soil, there is no need for chemicals to fertilize the medium of growth- making hydroponics not only sustainable but also organic!


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Hydroponic Farming | OBG Farms, Mangalore, India | Organic Farming Without Soil

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