How We Fail to Count Women: The Female Information Gap | FEMINISM


Gender gaps – we see them across the world, in almost every industry and aspect of our lives. But did you know that there’s a gap between men and women in information itself? Historically, women have been under-accounted for, if they were considered at all. But the female information gap isn’t just a problem of antiquity – it’s present in the digital and non-digital world of today. Data collection is often the first step in creating almost anything – whether it’s a new product or entire systems that we rely on day-to-day – so we end up living with technology and infrastructure designed by men, for men.

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00:00 Why are so many women missing from history?
01:13 The many ways women are not accounted for–and why!
05:51 How infrastructure and global design fail women
08:16 A world where women truly count


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