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How to Store Pudina/Mint leaves for 1 MONTH I Preserve Pudina/Mint leaves


1 MONTH FRESHNESS GUARENTEED! Now keep pudina/ mint leaves 1 month fresh !! STEP BY STEP METHOD

how to preserve MINT / PUDINA leaves for a long time – We all buy bundles of fresh mint leaves, but often we are worried that they might get wasted. But there are easy ways to store coriander leaves for a long time. Fresh mint has an aroma that almost everyone likes. Like any other fresh herb, though, mint easily wilts, making those lovely leaves less attractive as garnishes and in drinks. However, don’t worry that your fresh mint will wilt in your recipes. There are some helpful techniques to delay the wilting process.

preparation time: 10 MINS
recipe type: DIY

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Mint leaves
Kitchen tissues
Plastic container

1. Use the mint fresh.
2. Pluck the leaves and collect in a colander
3. Wash pudina/ mint leaves in running water
4. Pat dry the pudina/ mint leaves in a towel
5. Store it in a tissue paper lined plastic container
6. Keep and store pudina/ mint leaves container it in the refrigerator use it when required. While using if you find water on the tissue paper, change the tissue papers and replace them with fresh ones.
7. pudina/ mint leaves Stays fresh for 1 month.

P.S. Take care that the leaves should be completely dry without any moisture content in it. If the moisture remains, the leaves will get rotten very fast.

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