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The following video provides basic information about freshwater pearl culture which can be used
by some beginners who are interested in starting pearl farming. In fact, pearl cultivation is one
of the problematic aquaculture businesses especially if you want to start from scratch. The main
advantage of pearl farming or pearl culture is the high market value. Apart from this, the final
product is lightweight and non-perishable.
Pearl is considered a natural gem and is produced by a mollusk. Pearls are the most beautiful
gems available to us and their stunningly aesthetic beauty is the reason why they are so popular
around the world these pearls are sold for a good price in the market. Where do these pearls
come from? Well, while natural pearls are found in seas shells whereas cultured pearls are
made when mussels are nucleated through surgery which initiates the pearl forming process.

When it comes to pearl formation, generally any shelled mollusk can produce some sort of a pearl,
but those mollusks having pearl lining or nacre on the interior of the shell surface can produce
shining pearls. How these pearls are formed? Well, an abnormal response to a foreign
body in the normal biological processes that build up the shell in certain mollusks constituted the
base for pearl culture operations. Actually, the mantle with its outer epithelial cells is the tissue
responsible for producing pearl nacre. When an external stimulus occurs in the outer epithelium of the mantle tissue, it leads foreign body resulting in a pearl. We can blindly say, the pearl is nothing but a calcium carbonate deposit
within the soft tissue of the shelled oysters. However, the pearl formation process is different in freshwater
pearl culture. Usually, in freshwater pearl cultivation, mussels are nucleated
through surgery which initiates the pearl forming process.

How long does it take to form pearls? It depends on the type of mussel and the formation of pearl can
take a few months to several years.

The types of pearls include Natural pearls, cultured pearls, Japanese cultured pearls, freshwater
cultured pearls, seawater/saltwater cultured pearls, Keshi pearls, and mabe pearls. Pearls are
available in 8 basic shapes; round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, circled, and
double bouldered. However, Perfect round-shaped pearls are more valuable. When it comes to pearl
production in the world, China tops the list.

The cultivation of pearl includes; Natural pearls, Seawater cultured pearls, and Freshwater cultured
pearls. In the following content, we are discussing “Freshwater Pearl Culture”.

0:18 An oyster or Mussels Collection in pearl farming
0:48 Pre culture (Operative) Conditioning
1:14 Implantation of Crafts & Nuclei or Mussel surgery in Pearl farming
3:08 Post Operative care of Mussels in Pearl Farming
3:30 Pond culture in fresh water pearl farming
4:17 Harvest of Mussels & Pearls

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