How to Grow Microgreens Indoors Year Round from Las Vegas Urban Farm


Congratulations, you are taking your health into your own hands and we are here to help! Filmed at Urban Hydro Greens – an urban community conscious farm in the Las Vegas desert, this video walks you step by step on how to grow microgreens. Using the same materials they use at their indoor vertical farm five minutes from the LV strip and following along with this video you will be able to grow and be successful in your own home. If it grows in Las Vegas, it can grow anywhere in the world! It’s time to join the new age farming movement and grow these superfoods right in your window. Let’s get started.

For more info on special microgreen growing kit:!urbanstore/cs4d

For more info on Urban Hydro Greens:

For more info about the Gonino Center for Healing:


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