How To Grow 69 Millions Of Cucumbers In Greenhouse And Harvest – Modern Agriculture Technology


In the Netherlands, the surface area dedicated to cucumber cultivation is more than 600 hectares. In most cases, the cultivation method used in greenhouses is the more modern “high-wire method”.
High-wire cultivation
Continuous quality production is one of the main advantages of the high-wire system. With this tying system, the crop is trained in the same way as are tomato plants: by using twine hooked to a high wire at 4 to 5 metres above the ground. When the plant grows and reaches the highest point, the twine is lowered, allowing the plant to continue to grow. Using this method, growers do not need to crop 3 or 4 times a year; twice is enough.
In the Netherlands, 2 crops a year are grown using this method. The first is planted at the beginning of the year, and the second at the start of the summer. Labour costs are slightly higher with this method, but the quality of the cucumbers is much better.

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