How to fight famine through urban farming, and climate change by planting at least one tree each…


In this video, i want to welcome and thank each and every one who’s clicked to watch this.

And most importantly, I want to talk about what kind of content to expect on here which shall be dominated by urban and general farming to help and inspire people to grow their own foods at home, which in turn will help eradicate famine and its related problems.

My vision is to encourage people on here to engage in activities like afforestation and reafforestation to fight climate change and it’s impact on the planet.

With urban farming, you can grow not only your own food, but also any particular plant of interest.

Besides food, I have planted a variety of other plants like trees which I intend to later transfer and distribute to other places especially Eastern Uganda which is mostly plateau and semi desert to help as far water catchment is concerned, which in turn will help with rains, a requirement in both large and small scale farming.

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