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Mother nature se hai khaas pyaar? And want to earn while you learn the art of growing your own food?
If you’ve been thinking a lot about where and how that food on your table comes from, it’s time you made a switch to this career of an urban farmer and learn how food reaches farm to table in its truest sense.
In this video Sakshi Batra gets into the duniya of city farming along with Pragati Chaswal, founder of Sowgood Farming to help you chalk out a neat plan with steps on how to become an urban farmer in India.

00:15 Who is an urban farmer?
01:15 Steps to become an urban farmer
02:15 Initial investment for an urban farmer

What is urban farming?
When an individual adopts sustainable agriculture practices and urban farming techniques to grow and distribute fresh produce for city dwellers, they come to be known as urban farmers. These people also educate and help throw light on the benefits of urban farming.

Steps to become an urban farmer
Steps to help you learn organic farming involve: studying and understanding organic farming and working to gain hands on experience from skilled urban farmers, growing your own produce and providing consultation for a fee, followed by tying up with food partners to help give your business the exposure and visibility it needs for it to grow just like that tiny plant you planted!
Doing this shall also help you monetise your farming venture. Also never forget marketing what you own and are proud of!

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