How This Urban Farm Creates 300,000 lbs of Compost by Hand


In this video brought to you by the Local Motives YouTube channel, we explore how a small community urban farm in Red Hook, Brooklyn produces over 150 tons of compost every year with just hand tools. Through the help of over 2000 volunteers, the Red Hook Community Urban Farm diverts over 300,000 lbs (pounds) of food scraps, food waste, and yard waste from the landfill. This NYC urban farm uses large piles of food waste to create compost. The NYC urban farm not only educates volunteers on how to compost and grow their own food in an urban agriculture environment, but they also put them to work turning compost piles to create the perfect soil for growing organic vegetables and produce. This is an excellent example of how small farms, collective work, and a good idea can make a big impact on climate change.

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