How Tech Is Closing the Urban-Rural Gap


For decades, people have left small villages behind and flocked to major cities in search of better work opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle. Ghost towns are physical reminders of the complicated relationship between cities and the countryside, as well as the existing urban-rural gap that’s shaping the lives of millions.

However, thanks to technology, this divide is gradually closing, and resources are shared more equally between rural and urban areas.

This episode spotlights innovations in supply chains across Asia and features eFishery, a startup making the Indonesian aquaculture industry more efficient, Artisan Green, a Singapore-based tech company using vertical farming to fulfill food demands in metropolitan areas, and Ma Gongzuo, one of China’s thousands of farmers-turned-live streamers.

This video was made as part of a series in collaboration with East West Bank to highlight the innovative tech that’s making the world more sustainable. East West Bank offers unparalleled services for individuals and companies who wish to build connections and foster collaborations between the US and Asia. Together, we will reach further. For more information, visit

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