How Innovation Can Lead to Climate Adaptation


The threat of climate change drives many people to despair. But the good news is that there’s plenty of evidence that being concerned about the climate doesn’t require panicking about the climate.

While the media is drawn to alarmist stories about extreme climate scenarios … they’re also the least likely scenarios. And while you’d never know it from press coverage, there is a wide array of scientists who are simultaneously concerned about climate change but also want the doomsayers to stop scaring everybody.

There’s other good news as well. Even if the world doesn’t meet its carbon reduction goals, technological innovation means that many of the consequences of climate change likely won’t be as catastrophic as they’re sometimes portrayed.

Rising sea levels? They can often be managed through the use of seawalls or beach restoration. Water shortages? The use of desalination in Israel shows how technology can overcome the problem. Agriculture? Genetic modification of crops has the potential to make them less water intensive. Sweltering cities? A combination of lighter surfaces, more trees, and more water elements can lead to significantly lower temperatures on the hottest days.

The bottom line: Climate change doesn’t mean we’re doomed. And, thanks to innovation, we can be concerned about the climate without succumbing to despair.


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