How Hydroponic Farming Could Change Urban Food Systems: Connor Harbison, Atlas Urban Farms


Connor is the founder of Atlas Urban Farms, a company trying to redefine our relationship to public space, using hydroponics to empower healthier communities.

In this interview, we talk about:
– Connor’s journey overcoming childhood trauma
– Connor’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol in college
– Connor’s journey post-college having a tough time finding a job and what he recommends to others in a similar position
– Connor’s entrepreneurial journey – starting a software company called Windsr and now Atlas Urban Farms and the lessons he’s learned through both ventures
– What Hydroponic Farming Is And How it Can Change Modern and Future Farming
– Connor’s entrepreneurship advice including his thoughts on being willing to learn, being open to mistakes, and being good with uncertainty

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Approximate Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:33 Connor’s Early Life Journey
2:23 Was business/entrepreneurship something you thought about as a young person or later in life?
4:20 You were sexually assaulted as a child. Do you have any advice to anyone whose been sexually assaulted?
7:28 Would you do anything different now looking back?
8:22 Anything else you want to say about the abuse?
9:44 What was it like going to University of Pittsburg and your mindset there?
12:20 Any advice you would give a college student struggling to find a job?
14:53 Any advice for people who abuse alcohol?
17:45 Early jobs after college?
20:16 Can you talk about your AmeriCorps year?
24:40 What was it like serving underserved communities about entrepreneurship?
27:41 Can you talk about your first venture, Windsr?
31:59 What was it like – learning to code?
34:16 What was your mindset going into your Babson MBA?
35:31 How did you get introduced to hydroponics?
40:55 What are the advantages of hydroponic towers?
44:43 How were you so open to failure?
47:37 Any thoughts on developing a business model?
51:23 What recommendations do you have for beginners trying to get into hydroponics?
53:25 Are sprouts easiest to start with?
54:23 Anything else you’d say to someone thinking about entrepreneurship?
57:43 Any tips on growing plants?


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