How climate change impacts your finances and Lesotho's economy


How climate change impacts your finances and Lesotho’s economy. In this episode, I chat with Koaile Monaheng, an African storyteller, entrepreneur and co-found of Khantśa Energy. In this conversation, we discuss how climate change impacts your finances, the Lesotho economy and the African continent at large.

Koaile Monaheng is a consulting associate at Power Shift Africa, a climate and energy think tank that provides policy analysis, advocacy and communication from an African perspective.

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00:00 Introduction
01:28 About Koaile Monaheng?
03:33 Your educational background
06:12 About Mandela Rhodes Scholarship
07:49 What is the impact of climate change?
10:23 Your career?
13:29 About Khantśa Energy
20:55 Your recent recognition/award
26:22 Your biggest financial blunder
29:00 Words of encouragement for the youth
29:19 Contact details

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