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Cities account for 70% of energy consumption and between 40-50% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Urban designer Alex Washburn, former Head of Urban Planning for the City of New York, breaks down how cities are reimagining their relationship with the natural world, and where a new symbiotic future is already taking shape. By making the cities, buildings and homes of tomorrow fit for a low-carbon age, we can support the transition to a low-carbon, more resilient future. Produced By Condé Nast Traveler in association with BBC Studios Natural History Unit and Moondance Foundation. #OurFrozenPlanet brings you urgent stories about the effects of climate change around the globe, and accounts of the people dedicated to championing positive change to protect the future of our planet. #Ad

Alexandros is the author of “The Nature of Urban Design.” To learn more about sustainability in cities, check it out here:

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