How can cities adapt to climate change?


As global temperatures climb, the frequency and intensity of storms, droughts, sea level rise, and storm surges increase. City infrastructure is facing new challenges in the era of severe weather, and climate experts have recognized that urban areas need to boost resiliency now if they want to flourish in the future.

Climate adaptation and resiliency expert Sebastian Malter gives insight into the world of applying computer models for climate projections, why a city should consider green infrastructure, and how he builds urban adaptation and resiliency plans. In his 10+ years of experience, Sebastian has worked on national and international development projects relating to adaptation, resiliency, sustainability, water resources, flood risk management and more. He’s also multilingual, flexing fluency in German, English, and Spanish.

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Climate projections
1:25 Urban adaptation
3:32 Learn more
3:50 Developing resiliency plans
5:10 Thank you

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