How architecture can save the planet


On this episode of Arts Unveiled, we embark on global journey at the intersection of architecture and sustainability in the face of extreme temperatures and increasing natural disasters across the globe.

Architects and innovators are rethinking the way we build and live, to create safe and efficient structures that stand the test of time and address the threats climate change pose to life on our planet.

On our journey across 4 continents, we travel to five innovative buildings which could shape the future of architecture and speak to the architects forging a path towards a greener future. From a zero net energy building nestled within the dense Yunga Forest to a Thai University’s Urban rooftop to Benin’s National Assembly Hall, a plastic house in Ghana and a repurposed pyramid in Albania.

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00:00 Introduction
01:01 Lola Mora Cultural Center, Argentina
02:49 Thammasat University Rooftop Garden, Thailand
04:36 Benin Assembly Hall
06:22 Eco-Brick Houses, Ghana
08:32 Pyramid of Tirana, Albania


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