How American Taxpayers Pay Billions To Fund NFL Stadiums


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In 2022, the Tennessee Titans of the NFL unveiled their plans for a new stadium in the heart of Nashville. At the price tag of $2.1 billion, the 1.7-million-square-foot stadium can house 60,000 screaming football fans.. The only caveat? Taxpayers will fund more than half of the stadium’s cost.: $500 million from the state and $760 million through revenue bonds issued by Nashville’s Metropolitan Sports Authority. Since 2000, public funds diverted to helping build professional sports stadiums and arenas have cost taxpayers $4.3 billion. While the NFL and team owners contend that building stadiums will provide economic growth for a city, economists and urban planners claim otherwise.

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1:45 The loophole
4:24 Stadium-mania
5:31 National and local revenue
8:16 Spillover gains
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How American Taxpayers Pay Billions To Fund NFL Stadiums


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