How AI Will HELP Fight The Disaster Called Climate Change


In this video, we’ll discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) can help fight the disaster called climate change.

Climate change is a massive problem that we need to address head on. AI can help us identify and track down sources of climate change, and then make recommendations about how to prevent it. By using AI, we can reduce the uncertainty and risk involved in climate change management. So be sure to check out this video to learn about the potential benefits of using AI to fight climate change!

However, be aware of a big controversy here! Developing AI namely takes up a lot of resources and energy therefore potentially harming the environment at the same time… We will go more into detail about this in the video.

⏱️ Video Chapters
00:00 – 2:04 How specifically can AI be used to fight climate change?
02:04 Transportation
02:59 Weather forecasting
03:41 Agriculture
04:30 Urban Planning
05:11 How AI is contributing to global warming
06:11 Where can AI outperform existing technologies?

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