Hire Håkan Nordkvist: A Message to Businesses Not Making Sustainable Changes [OFFICIAL INTERVIEW]


Håkan Nordkvist, Head of Sustainability Innovation for IKEA, gives a message to businesses that are not making sustainable changes. Find out more in this exclusive interview from The Motivational Speakers Agency.

7 Key Moments in this Video:

Introduction: 00:00

Question 1: 00:07 – As the Head of Sustainability Innovation at IKEA, how have you reduced IKEA’s contribution to climate change?

Question 2: 01:41 – What sustainable changes can people expect from brands like IKEA in the future?

Question 3: 04:52 – How can businesses communicate sustainability standards throughout their supply chain?

Question 4: 04:52 – As we move toward a global circular economy, how will this approach impact our everyday lives

Question 5: 04:52 – What message do you have for businesses that are not already making sustainable change?

Question 6: 04:52 – Is there a ‘one size fits all’ approach to sustainability or should businesses consider their specific sector before adopting sustainability strategies?


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Who is Håkan Nordkvist?

Håkan Nordkvist is the Former Head of Sustainability Innovation for the IKEA Group. An exceptionally talented leader with a human-centric vision, he is known for his innovative solutions and has played an integral role in developing many of IKEA’s sustainability services. Talented and courageous, Håkan is gifted at setting bold futuristic goals and ambitions and then successfully implementing those goals through innovative initiatives, road maps and creative businesses and solutions for a better future.

Holding an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lulea Tekniska, Håkan joined IKEA as a Quality Manager in 2001. Over the course of his career, he has been heavily involved in many innovative projects for IKEA. Leading the sustainability and innovation team for 11 years, Håkan combined cutting-edge innovation with sustainability to build new businesses for IKEA. His team was responsible for building IKEA’s clean energy service which now operates in 13 countries around the globe. Today it is one of the largest clean energy businesses.

Another project Håkan directed was food innovation. He introduced plant-based protein and new dishes to the IKEA restaurant and utilised urban/vertical farming to locally produce lettuce and herbs, in addition to creating efficient food waste initiatives. Håkan played a fundamental role in implementing IKEA’s circular business agenda. This involved developing new innovative business models like Furniture as A Service, IKEA Second Hand and IKEA Take Back and Repair. This was followed by a local production set-up with 3D printing, collaborative robotics, and generative design.

Outside IKEA, Håkan is one of the founders and chairman of Launch Nordic, a creative platform which was created with Nike, NASA, USAID and Novozymes. Moreover, Håkan served on the board of BoKlok a company which specialises in building affordable sustainable housing. As a speaker, Håkan is highly articulate on the topics of innovation, sustainability, intrepreneurship, circularity and leadership.

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[This exclusive interview with Håkan Nordkvist was conducted by The Motivational Speakers Agency in 2022]

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