Heavy Rains Expected to Cause Flooding and Landslides in Pakistan #shorts


🌦️ Weather Alert 🌧️
Heads up, Pakistan! The Met Department forecasts rain and thundershowers in various regions from September 22 to 24. Be prepared for potential urban flooding and landslides. Stay safe, folks! 💧🌩️

1. **Weather Forecast**: The Pakistan Meteorological Department predicts rain and thundershowers in multiple regions from September 22 to 24, urging residents to stay informed and prepared.

2. **Urban Flooding and Landslide Risk**: There’s a potential risk of urban flooding in low-lying areas and landslides in vulnerable regions due to moderate to heavy rainfalls. Residents of Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and hilly areas should be cautious.

3. **Climate Change Impact**: Climate change is intensifying seasonal rains and making them more unpredictable, making it crucial for Pakistan to adapt to these changing weather patterns and reduce vulnerabilities.

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