Heaven Agro Farms – DVC 2023


Heaven Agro Farm is Pakistan’s first smart farmhouses project that is envisioned to bring a luxurious and contemporary approach to your leisure lifestyle pursuits. Nestled within the scenic landscape of Islamabad, the project offers serviced farmhouses equipped with modern facilities to ensure a stupendous living experience. The project is surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscape and thus allows dwellers to revel in nature’s beauty.

Located in a tranquil area away from the hustles of the city yet close enough to have easy access to the basic facilities, the project has a prominent spot near the Neelah Dullah Interchange. Set in rural surrounding with an urban approach, the project is an exclusive community that is a just 25-minute drive away from Islamabad International Airport and a 45-minute drive away from Faisal Mosque. It is a perfect haven for those seeking to experience serenity of the quaint capital city.

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