HEALTH BENEFITS – Let's Play Cities Skylines – ALL DLC + Realism Mods


Excited for Cities Skylines 2? Me too! That’s why I’m continuing my new playthrough in the enormous Cities Skylines, featuring all Gameplay DLC’s and some Realism mods! In this episode I invest into more buses, healthcare services, childcare and a new Gym! #citiesskylines #chill
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Mods used:
►Daylight Classic
►Environment changer
►Realistic Temperate
►Render it
►More Realistic SoundFX
►Hide TMPE Crosswalks V3.2 [stable]
►No radioactive desert and more!
►Intersection Marking Tool 1.14.2

*Fine movement / building:*
►Precision Engineering
►Move it
►Prop Control 0.9
►Tree Control 0.9
►Line Tool 0.5
►Roundabout builder
►Network Multitool 1.3.5
►Network Anarchy
►Extra Landscape Tools
►Surface Painter

*UI Related:*
►Undo it
►Find it
►Unified UI
►Ambient Sounds Tuner 2.0
►Toggle it
►City Vitals

*Gameplay / Logic related:*
►Realistic Population
►Lifecycle Rebalance
►Rebalanced Industries Revisited 0.8
►Play it
►81 Tiles

►FPS Booster
►Patch Loader Mod*


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