Harvest Money Expo :Koudijs Animal Nutrition/Concentrates.


Harvest Money Expo :Koudijs Animal Nutrition/Concentrates in 2023.
This is the biggest agriculture and agribusiness annual event in Uganda Organized by Vision Group. This expo was started by in 2017, to improve the interaction between existing and prospecting farmers.

This annual Expo sets a platform for displaying and identifying innovations made by both local and foreign companies through improved technologies for better production, marketing, poverty eradication and also conducts training sessions by successful practitioners in the respective enterprise value chains.


we interviewed some of the exhibitors about there contribution towards the cause of farming as a business.
Among those Koudijs Animal Nutrition is part of De Heus Animal Nutrition, an international producer of a complete range of compound feed, concentrates and feed specialties. Koudijs was founded in 1920 in the Netherlands, started as a local company and expanded towards exporting feed concentrates starting towards Africa and the Middle East in 1960. After joining De Heus in 1998, further growth was established by recognizing the need for good quality premixes and specialties in the market. Currently, Koudijs is exporting concentrates and specialties mainly in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
some of they front door.
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