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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive through Japan? Thanks to our trusty dash-cam, and our cute little kei truck, we can show you! Driving in Japan is in some ways very straightforward, albeit everything is opposite. Streets don’t typically have names. Sometimes the (two-way) roads are designed just barely wider than one of our mini-sized vehicles. But the drivers are polite and the scenery is beautiful.

In today’s video, we’re driving to the neighboring island, Hakatjima, to run some errands. We need to go to the police station to register our bicycles (yes, that’s a thing), and drop by city hall. Sounds easy enough, but we get a little turned around on the small island’s narrow hilly streets. Come along for the ride!

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Japan has an estimated 8.5 million akiya (abandoned homes), and we’ve purchased one of them! The akiya we’re currently renovating was purchased for ¥1 Million ($7500 USD). We have our work cut out for us! The house is in a great location for attracting tourists as they ride their bicycles along the Shimanami Kaido, so we currently intend to renovate it into a guesthouse rental. We will renovate a second nearby akiya for our own homestead, and restore nearby farmland that’s been sitting unused for over a decade. We’ve just received our 6-month Startup Visa, which will then allow us to apply for a 1-year Business Manager Visa, and essentially sponsor our own residency in Japan.

I’m documenting literally everything, with photography and video. If you’re curious to see life behind-the-scenes, I’m sharing pretty much daily updates on our Benton Homestead “stories” on social media.

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