Gut Haidehof farm in Hamburg


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Gut Haidehof is a regenerative farm in Hamburg, Germany. Regenerative means that they are not only scars with resources, they don’t even save resources, they build resources. Natural resources. Gut Haidehof doesn’t use any chemicals at all. Its mission is to grow a wide variety of nutritious vegetables while regenerating the ecosystem and soil, developing a sustainable profitable business to support quality employment and building close relationships with the community around them.

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The No-dig approach is a method to grow vegetables while disturbing and exposing the soil minimally, keeping a diversity of living plants in the ground, allowing mycorrhizal fungi to develop their web, supporting plant health, building soil fertility, and developing regenerative cropping systems that produce high output. Gut Haidehof believes that no-dig techniques are the best approach to not only sustain but to regenerate the already depleted soils by assisting and mimicking natural processes to increase the organic matter and microbial life.


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