Growing Edible Mushrooms on Used Coffee Grounds | Sustainable Urban Farming in Portugal


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Belgium native Natan Jauquemin created Nãm Mushrooms. Portugal’s first environmentally conscious, circular economy mushroom farm that specializes in growing mushrooms on used coffee grounds from local cafes and restaurants. Today, Nãm is the primary mushroom producer for the bustling, and bright coastal city of Lisbon.

Nãm is focused on reducing coffee waste by employing the use of rigorous, edible mushroom species. As mushroom mycelium decomposes its coffee substrate, it neutralizes the release of methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide, while turning it into a valuable food source. Once the growing process is complete, spent mushroom “blocks” are then donated to local farms as fertilizer for crops.

In this video, North Spore explores the symbiotic relationship between coffee culture and mushroom growing in 20th century Portugal; a country whose history with mushrooms was almost non-existent – until now.

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