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Growing mushrooms isn’t always difficult! In this video, we look at one of the easiest ways of growing delicious oyster mushrooms at home.
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All you need for this is:

– 20L food grade bucket (5 gallon)
– 0.5kg Oyster Mushroom Grain Spawn (1lb)
– 2.5kg Chopped Straw or Hard Wood Chips (5.5 lbs)

We run you through the process step-by-step, and at the end of this you’ll have a wonderful crop of delicious oyster mushrooms… It’s so much fun too!


00:14 Introduction
00:58 Preparing your bucket
01:58 Pasteurising and hydrating your substrate
04:37 Inoculating and incubating
05:49 Fruiting your mushrooms
07:54 Harvesting

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