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I have tried growing ginger from a few different sources over the years, including organic store bought ginger or fancy rhizome starts from seed supplies. In the end you basically get the same plant and while conventional roots aren’t ideal as an organic grower it does save you a lot of money. When I plant them into their final space they will be grown fully organically through and through. I will be sure to keep at least 1 plant in the ground/container to overwinter so that next year I can propagate my own roots! When I saw these conventional rhizomes at the store with growth points I decided I had to get my ginger ball rolling.

When you are looking for ginger to plant you don’t necessarily have to get ones that already have growth spurs/eyes forming, they just ensure that you will have a greater chance of success. If you start with a root that has no evidence of growth give it an overnight soak before planting to give it a boost. If it is organic don’t worry about growth inhibitors as they are only applied to conventional roots. As for removing the growth inhibitor a simple soak does seem to remove it completely! When planting you want to use a soil that retains moisture well but don’t let it get soggy! Remember that ginger is a tropical plant so it needs to be kept warm and humid in the cool spring months in order to properly grow. After 2-6 weeks you should begin to see growth popping out from the soil and then depending on your climate you may be able to plant them outside or you can continue to keep them protected indoors.


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