Green house farming / Hydroponic Farming in Canada | Controlled vegetable farm in Advance Countries


“What is Greenhouse Farming?”
Greenhouse Farming is the process of cultivating crops and vegetable in a greenhouse ecosystems environment. Cultivation in greenhouses is a practice that has allowed farmers to increase their performance, while improving the quality of products, isolating them in micro-ecosystems that have the ideal conditions for plants to grow healthy, strong and beautiful!
There is a growing interest in food security and backyard farming throughout Atlantic Canada. At Sun Valley Greenhouses we are passionate about the environment and sustainability! 🌱🌻

Let us help you set up your backyard oasis for success with a custom greenhouse build – a quality product that is durable and stands the test of time through our weather. 🪴

We are now taking new installations for the 2022 growing season. Let Sun Valley Greenhouses bring your backyard vision to life this year! 🍃
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in Canada Financing/Leasing on all our vertical farming systems. this green house is
manufactured in Canada

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