Great Reset: You'll Eat Bugs, Own Nothing & Be “Happy”


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Hello viewers, and welcome back to Front Page News. Well, Canadians might as well get ready to enter the wild world of urban insect farming! That’s right because now Toronto is taking things to the next level with a mentorship program designed to empower the next generation of climate leaders supposedly.

The latest initiative is all about harnessing the power of bugs to combat climate change and feed the city’s hungry masses. But this isn’t your average farm – we’re talking about a cutting-edge, high-tech insect processing operation that will leave you buzzing with shock.

From mealworms to crickets, we’ll explore the unconventional world of insect protein as well as the concerns and controversies surrounding this and more. So grab a snack, maybe not an insect-based one just yet, and let’s get started with today’s video. Here’s what you should know.

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