Great Decisions 2023 | Climate Migration


Manitowoc Public Library is proud to present Great Decisions 2023, our sixteenth year of hosting this preeminent eight-week grassroots lecture series that provides the citizens of the Lakeshore area with the opportunity to discover, discuss and decide how to meet some of the world’s greatest challenges head-on. Increasingly, global events have become domestic concerns and Great Decisions takes you beyond the headlines with essential background information, relevant facts, ever-shifting policy options and impartial analysis.

This evening at 6 PM, please join us—ONLINE ONLY—as University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Alise Coen, PhD, takes on the topic of “Climate Migration”. As climate change accelerates and drought and rising sea levels become more common, millions of people in affected regions must uproot themselves and seek safety elsewhere. Who are these affected individuals, and how might the United States aid them, and be affected by the migration?


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