Grapes, seaweed and ice plants: The unexpected crops farms in Singapore are growing


Their current crops are vegetables like spinach, kale and lettuce, as well as some herbs, which are sold online and at supermarkets including FairPrice Finest and Meidi-Ya.

Artisan Green is doing research into different crops as it is building a new farm that is 18 times larger, said Mr Poh.

“We’re scaling our farm from a 300 square metre farm to a 5,400 square metre farm, and we need to look at more crops to grow as our production volume will be about 25,000kg per month,” he told CNA.

The farm is also looking into specialty crops because it wants to cater to the food service industry and supply to hotels, restaurants and cafes.

“We realised that ice plants are something interesting for chefs to use, that’s why we started growing them. We have a pipeline of a lot of other different crops that we will be growing for the future farm.”


The grapes were smaller than what we were used to, but flavourful, juicy and a little tart.

Each fruit was less than 1cm in diameter, and on the vine, each bunch of grapes was barely the size of my palm.

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