Europe’s leading news channel “Euronews” about the problem of “overheating” of megacities and the proposed solution GOROD L.E.S.

The leading international news channel in Europe, Euronews (website –, which provides global multilingual news in 160 countries, has released a short video about one of the urgent problems of modern megacities associated with global warming and the adverse effects of hot climate on residents of major European cities.

It is stated in the video material that during hot weather in megacities, a local increased temperature background is created due to the presence of large dark (gray) surfaces, which are formed by buildings (structures), roads and the surface of urban areas. In addition, the widespread use of transport also affects the temperature background of cities. A large area of dark surfaces inside megacities heats up and, when heat is released, creates an increased temperature inside cities, cities actually “overheat”, which adversely affects the health of children, the elderly and the most vulnerable people. In a number of large cities in Spain, France, Italy and other European countries, measures are being taken to “cool” the urban climate by increasing recreational areas and green areas, creating artificial reservoirs and forcibly watering certain urban areas, but these measures do not solve the problem as a whole. The opinion of experts who call on politicians and authorities to take immediate action to change climate conditions inside megacities is reflected in the material. Technical solutions to the pressing problems of megacities are already at the development stage and only need to be implemented.

Currently, a new infrastructure system of the city is being developed – the Transport and Logistics System of the City, which is aimed at creating a favorable living environment for the population of megacities. The GOROD L.E.S (Logistic Eco System) project that we propose determines the construction of a multi-level ground infrastructure system of the city, where transport communications and infrastructure facilities are located at several levels (all levels in this system are ground), are not subject to external climatic influences and don’t affect the temperature regime of the fourth open level of the city. The upper fourth level is an artificially created landscape containing soil, vegetation, recreation, trade and entertainment areas, parks and squares, footpaths, ponds and fountains with a limited number of high-rise buildings. The proposed system for building urban infrastructure has no analogues and is original, it allows you to create favorable conditions for the population of the metropolis, including providing a comfortable temperature and humidity in the main urban area. Detailed information about the technical novel and the GOROD L.E.S (Logistic Eco System) project is available on the website: TIAGLIN.COM

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