Global Seminar | Powering Digital Urban Twins | Heiko Aydt


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Powering Digital Urban Twins
Digital Urban Twins are digital representations of cities that allow us to conduct
simulation experiments, to ask what-if questions and to investigate in-silico what would
otherwise not be (easily) possible in the physical world. Cities are complex constructs
and so are their digital twins. A city consists of many interacting urban elements (e.g.,
people, the organisations they form, the infrastructure they build and use, and the
environment). Depending on the purpose of the digital urban twin, there is a need for
corresponding computational models for all the relevant urban elements. Just like
their counterparts in the physical world, these models also interact with each other on
various levels. They form what we call a ‘federation of models’ – the underlying machine
that is the digital urban twin. Building such a federation of models is challenging. The
Simulation-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach, developed at SEC as part of the Cooling
Singapore project, helps to overcome these challenges. It has the potential to enable
researchers to use digital urban twins in ways not currently possible, giving rise to
new applications, interesting research and valuable insights. This talk will introduce
the SaaS approach and how it is applied in the context of a Digital Urban Climate Twin
for Singapore. Join us to find out how the SaaS approach can also power your digital
urban twins.

Dr Heiko Aydt

Lead Investigator of Digital Urban Climate Twin R&D at Cooling Singapore
Co-Investigator of Circular Future Cities at FCL Global

Future Cities Laboratory
Singapore-ETH Centre

License: CC-BY-NC-SA


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