Geospatial-Based Analysis and Visualization: Approaches in Urban Design for Climate Action


The Urban Design Studio Laboratory and Architectural Communications Studio Laboratory at the College of Architecture of the UP Diliman presents a short talk on Geospatial Information Systems as part of the College’s Urban October Celebration held last October 11, 2020. The year’s theme is “Climate Action 4 Cities”.

Architects and professionals in the field of the built environment are challenged to lead and apply innovative tools to plan and design for climate action. One powerful tool in planning and designing for climate action is the use of geospatial-based programs. It allows us to map, analyze and visualize different climate data and other factors relating to the urban realm. Since climate change is considered as a geographic problem, it will need geographic methods to solve them. Knowledge in the basics of GIS programs and how they can be used in site planning and visualization in designing climate resilient neighborhoods and developments is seen as one of the ways forward for UPCA studio laboratories and climate action.


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