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“We have to use this opportunity to make it better for the generations that will follow us.” – Bobby Wilson, founder and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Noticing changes in seasonal weather patterns, Metro Atlanta Urban Farm decided to plant their crops much earlier in the growing season. This allowed the farm to bring produce to market earlier, maximizing their yield, and minimizing the impacts of late-season droughts. Join us as we talk to Bobby Wilson, founder and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm, about how the farm is responding to a changing climate and why it is important for agriculture to look to the future.

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This story was produced by Mark Lannaman, RCE Greater Atlanta Coordinator, MSEEM Georgia Tech Student Fellow, and Saporta Report Reporter, with the generous support of the Glenn Family Foundation and Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Thanks to Mark Johnson at Grady College of Journalism for additional guidance and equipment to make this story possible.

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