Geography Optional Orientation | Mr. Karthikeyan R | Chennai Centre | Vajiram & Ravi


Learn how to holistically cover your Geography Optional Subject syllabus for UPSC Mains Examination.

The session will cover Orientation to the geography subject, details of classroom program, how to complete the geography syllabus in easy way, and the structure of classroom program in enabling the student in terms of subject clarity, Answer Writing Strategy, Revision Strategy. The session will also cover required Study Materials (Books, Notes, etc.) for geography optional and the benefits of geography optional with respect to General studies.

By the end of this orientation, you will be able to get a proper grasp of how to complete Geography subject in an easy and simple way and to clear CSE with geography as your optional subject.

Chennai Batch, Attend Offline at Vajiram & Ravi, Anna Nagar, Chennai Centre.


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