Genoa’s path towards climate resilience: How to mobilize funding for urban climate adaptation


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Genoa City started a path of resilient sustainable development in the last years with a participative and progressive set of actions to better link the needed ground interventions to new abilities to match the future pressure in a regenerative way.

Its circular path initialised with the new awareness regarding the possible effects of the mega trends, such as Climate and Demographic change and Digital/technological Transitions at local scale. Then the city invested in robust networking activities, EU projects implementations and leading the Climate Adaptation Partnership of the Urban agenda for the EU since 2017. Thanks to this experience it gained a new concept of integrated Territorial Development. It approved its Lighthouse City Strategy for a sustainable resilient city in late 2019, its SECAP 2030 in 2020 and now it’s approving its Action Plan named Urban Agenda Genoa 2050 with 12 mainstreaming actions to improve also six quality of life: sustainability, inclusion, liveability, attractiveness, development, wellbeing embedding doughnut economy principle in a new framework of indicators to monitoring future progress.

This back casting approach support the city in defining its investment framework and it allow to reach about 100 million in fund raising, 60% of them dedicated to grey, green and soft adaptation actions dedicated to capacity building, regenerate the public spaces, hydrological risk prevention, resilient communities, green procurements. Part of this investment come from a great partner that is the Council Bank of Europe. In 2019 the City of Genoa was the only city selected by the CEB and it could benefits of 50 million euros of investment to increase capacity building and climate resilience with high social value projects. Actually, we already grounded about 24 million euros and we expect to spend remaining funds up to two years.

Additional funds dedicated instead to mitigate the GHG emission could also be counted in our:

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-Kyoto Fund – Schools: appx. € 1.000.000 loan (rotational fund) to perform 204 Energy Audits for Schools.

-ELENA Support: European Local ENergy Assistance for appx. € 1.300.000 grants to support energy efficiency project development for public procurement of ESCo.

-N.O.P – Metro: National Operational Programme for appx. € 10.500.000 grants to finance energy efficiency measures on Street Lighting, public buildings and Social Housing real estate.

-Gen-IUS Project: Genoa Innovative Urban Sustainability, ESCo public procurement process supported by ELENA for appx. € 26.000.000 TPF for energy efficiency measures on public assets.


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