Gender Into Urban Climate Change Conference, March 10th 2022


Gender Into Urban Climate Change – Final Conference

GenderCC–Women for Climate Justice e.V. hosted its final conference on the results of the project “Gender into Urban Climate Change Initiative”.

Cities are key actors for the implementation of climate adaptation and mitigation policies. Yet, while the Paris Agreement is calling for the consideration of gender equality when taking action to address climate change, urban policies are still lacking of a gender perspective. Therefore, GenderCC’s “Gender Into Urban Climate Change Initiative” (GUCCI) has explored options for integrating gender and social aspects. In the conference, we will present our approach and the resulting recommendations for gender-responsive urban climate action, with the aim of empowering women’s organisations and civil society groups to get involved and push for both ambitious climate policy and the integration of social and gender aspects.

Video Content:
0:13:53 – 0:17:53 Dr. Birte Rodenberg – Welcome
0:19:11 – 0:28:10 Luisa Rölke – Welcome Address
0:29:28 – 0:38:28 Gotelind Alber – Introduction to the Project
0:40:25 – 0:53:00 Dorah Marema – Insights for a City Network in South
1:20:10 – 1:40:50 Titi Soentoro – Gender Analysis Process (GAMMA)
1:42:48 – 2:00:00 Sruthi Raghavan – Projects in Indian Pilot Cities
2:01:30 – 2:17:20 Ndivile Mokoena – Recommendations for Gender Responsive Climate Policies in South Africa
2:59:49 – 3:18:34 Denisse M. Vélez Martínez, Alma Rosa Colin – Advocacy for Gender in Urban and National Climate Policies in Mexico (Spanish)
3:27:18 – 3:46:10 Kalyani Raj – Overall Outcomes and Recommendations from the Project
3:59:51 – 4:15:11 Judith Commenges – Gender Strategy of the
German International Climate Initiative (IKI)
4:16:20 – 4:24:26 Gotelind Alber – Conclusions and Outlook

Please find further information on the conference here:

Thanks to everyone who participating for making this a truly inspiring conference!


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